Thursday, October 22, 2009

I need a new jack-o-lantern design for this Halloween

I need your help. I need a new design for this year's jack-o-lantern for Halloween.  I don't think my wife would like a Calipari jack-o-lantern, so that's out.  Anyway, I would like any of your suggestions.  My previous designs are below.

This is the first design that I did in '04 and '05. I was going for the big scary face. After two years I moved on.

In '06 I did this one. I turned the degree of difficulty up a little. The little kids seemed to really like the bat.

In 2007 I did the most difficult so far, "The Headless Horseman". I felt I had to throw in the bat again. It's all about the kids.

So, if there are any suggestions you could give me, I would greatly appreciate it. I am open to about anything, so bring it on. Maybe jack-o-lanterns you've done or others you have seen. You can send me pictures, patterns, or even your own description of great ideas. Thank you.


Jennifer said...

Well it may not be complicated enough for you. But I'm going green themed with my pumpkins this year. Here's a picture:

Clay Miller said...

Thanks Jennifer. I actually thought of incorporating that design before. Maybe where a moon should be, I would have that symbol shining instead. Your suggestion makes me think. Thanks again.