Saturday, March 29, 2008

Are You Tuned In To The Music Being Played Everywhere You Go?

Everywhere I go I can't help but hear and really pay attention to the music that is playing over the sound system in any and every store or restaurant. Not only that but I have an ability to remember the artist of practically every song I've ever heard. The bad part is that I have a bad habit of telling whoever I am with who the singer or group that is responsible for the music we are hearing. What makes it worse is that I seem to be the only one who pays any attention to the music. This goes for muzak too (you know the instrumental elevator music).

So like even today I'm throwing out "oh, that's Aerosmith" and then four minutes later "there's Elvis Costello, I don't like him". I forgot to mention that what adds to the curse is that I seem to even remember the artists that I don't even like. It doesn't matter the genre of music. If I've ever heard the singer perform anything before I'll always remember them forever.

I seem to really annoy my coworkers with this when we are out at lunch. I get a lot of "how do you remember this stuff?" I don't know. I think a relative was cursed by gypsies. This week there was songs by Billy Ocean, the Beatles, Bad Company, Modern English and countless others.

So if are out somewhere and happen to see a curious young man wincing it might just be me being the only one in the store hearing the Celine Dion wailing from the store speakers.

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