Monday, March 10, 2008

Book Review: Playing For Pizza by John Grisham

On my quest to read every John Grisham novel I picked up and read Playing For Pizza. Whether good or bad, it is not another one of his legal thrillers. It is the story of third-string Cleveland Browns quarterback Rick Dockery who after failing as an NFL quarterback has to settle on playing football in Parma, Italy.

He is thrust into the new culture and has to adjust to many new things, including a lot less pay. His new teammates and the game of football are pretty different from the NFL . They do have a SuperBowl in Italy, though. They also have great food and wine, which he definitely takes a liking for. He also finds out what he can still do for a team when depended on.

Playing For Pizza is a decent little yarn that is interesting if you are into Italy, like myself. If you like Grisham's style of writing, you'll recognize it here (e.g. his quaint little conversations, the fun characters and his flow of action). A short book that you could probably kick out in no time. A good read for when you are stressed and don't want to think too much. Happy reading.

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