Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow of March '08 in Kentucky

WOW! 11 inches of snow. We are not used to this. This is the most snow in 10 years!

I wasn't looking forward to clearing off the driveway with my little trusty snow shovel. I tried to start slow, but in no time I was working too fast and I was already aching.

I was only 15 minutes into it when "the greatest neighbor in the world" came over and started to clear off my driveway with his snow blower. How great is that!? Snow blowers are fantastic. He did the same thing four years ago.
So barely an hour later he and I (well, I sort of helped) cleared the entire driveway front, side and back. Now that is a great neighbor. If everyone had neighbors like him. I see another gift card in his future. Here's to all of the friendly, responsible and considerate neighbors out there. You know being nice doesn't cost extra.

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