Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Obama-Biden-McCain-Palin Anagrams

Anagrams, of course, are when you take a word or phrase and scramble up the letters to make up another word or phrase. Let's look at some anagrams when you use the names of our 2008 Presidential tickets. Some are funny and some are down right weird.

Obama/Biden/McCain/Palin --> A damn abominable picnic

Barack Hussein Obama --> Bush, I can break Osama

Joe Biden --> I need job
Be joined

Senator McCain --> Narcotics amen
Manic ancestor

Palin --> I plan

Sarah Palin --> A sharp nail
Las piranha

Governor Palin --> A proving loner
Poor navel ring

Obama/McCain --> I am Mac Bacon

Obama/Biden --> Babe domain
I'm a bad bone
An idea bomb

McCain/Palin --> In calm panic

1 comment:

euZoia said...

Go figure. There’s actually a Babe Domain for Obama Biden website at Babe-Domain.com. Women submit pics (SFW) with campaign stickers etc, and write why they support the ticket. You can vote them up and buy stuff with their photos on it. Pretty cool idea. I'd love to see all the beautiful Obama supporters sending photos.