Friday, October 10, 2008

Video of Jeff Probst on "Backchat" in 1995 with My Drawing

Back in 1995 a pretty animated Jeff Probst, you know the host of the reality show Survivor, hosted a show on fX called Backchat. Well, one the segments of the show was "Visual of the Day". These were photos or drawings that had something to do with the network fX or Backchat which were sent in by viewers. Well, one fateful day, you guess it, they chose the one drawing I submitted. Anyway, watch the video.

I will start off by saying that yes I know my drawing I did was pretty bad. I did it as a goof and I never thought it would be on the show. I did it with colored pencils in about 30 minutes. I thought that it was funny that they picked it and that Jeff Probst is now a household name. Notice the his hair back then too. Yikes.

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